Setup institute for vocational training.
Organised COMPUTER EDUCATION Awareness Programs in Schools covering the Principals, Teachers and Students further reaching and generating awareness amongst People .

Students are taught about addictions to drugs, alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, chewing pan masala, carcinogens, good dietary habits, healthy living habits, good genital and personal hygiene.

Through the students awareness was generated amongst their parents and neighbors through pamphlets and one to one contact, thus generating a high level awareness amongst the large section of population on the control of non communicable diseases (Heart Attacks, Respiratory and Diabetics) and Cancer which is the Second leading cause of Death World Wide.

Organised PAINTING, G.K. AND ESSAY COMPETITIONS in schools.Set up Awareness stalls on the topic of importance of skill development in the Mela's organized by schools and different organisations at various places.

Advocacy and distribution of awareness about sanitation related material amongst the masses.Assistance, fruits and food distribution to the inhabitants of orphanages and old age homes.